Description - Deusch is a slang form of the word douche, and contrary to belief, it is a correct spelling do to the difference of context, and considering it is not literal, it is slang.

In comparison..

Deusch - A pathetic annoying jerk. Someone commonly obnoxious without reason, or extremely arrogant and selfish.

Douche - A chemical based cleaner for a vagina.
Dave: "Damn, did you hear that John's sister got fired cause she wouldn't give her boss a blowjob? He's such a deusch."

Dave's Friend: "Nope, but I do know I walked in on John's sister cleaning her vagina with a bag of douche."
by AgnoMan July 18, 2009
Top Definition
One of the many incorrect and exceedingly stupid ways to spell the word douche.
If "deusch" is the way you spell "douche", you're both.

Die, idiot.
by burstroc September 15, 2006
If you spell it this way, you are one.
Brian: Dude you are such a deusch.

Kayla: Honey you can't spell it that way or everyone will think you're stupid.

Brian: Oh ok...I'm gonna go clean my vagina... Can you tell me how to spell it when I get back?
by kbubbles January 12, 2012
a nickname for a device used to clean out the vagina.
Marc N. is a Deusch.
by B. Strauss February 03, 2005
a person so lowly, he can only be discribed as something that cleans pussy
riley yurks off to much, he is a deusch.
by tizlom June 02, 2005
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