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Contrary to the popular belief that "snowpee" is a verb used to create yellow snow, it is actually a noun used to replace the word "icicle" because some dude thought it would be a cool idea.
Some dude: I'm spearheading the movement to replace the noun "icicle" with "snowpee." In light of the wide spread use of "conversate" and "funner" this is where I choose to make my stand.
by kbubbles November 02, 2011
If you spell it this way, you are one.
Brian: Dude you are such a deusch.

Kayla: Honey you can't spell it that way or everyone will think you're stupid.

Brian: Oh ok...I'm gonna go clean my vagina... Can you tell me how to spell it when I get back?
by kbubbles January 12, 2012

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