A .22lr calibre firearm.
The silly muthufucku pulls out a deuce-deuce. Little did he know I had a loaded 12-gauge.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
Term that can be, but not always applied to, smoking marijuana from a joint or blunt, when you take 2 hits before passing, hence the term deuce. (typically does not need to be declared and is an unspoken rule when sparking up.)
Lets go deuce deuce on this.
by sweetness123123 February 08, 2009
is referred to being a 40oz of corona,this is mainly heard in east northen jersey(elizabeth:eastwick)
When i finished smashin this bangin ass spanish chick she asked me if i wanted some deuce deuce's
by Lil Ray November 19, 2007
A kickass band from Baltimore, Maryland. Made by two straight-edge guys name Joey and Clinton; with a sound like T. Mills and 3OH!3 with some added jizz-worthy screams you better love them.
Jesus: Have you heard that new song by Deuce Deuce?
Alejandro: Poker Face? Yeah man, that shit`s crazy good.
by youbettawerk March 01, 2011
having anal sex with a female weighing 200+ pounds ....then pulling out and defecating in her gaping asshole.
n: "i want to perform the deuce deuce on that 200+ pound chick over there!"
v: "i'm gonna deuce deuce you, my voluptuous 200+ pound vixen."
adj: "look at that 200+ pound chick! she's totally deuce deuceable!"

by Deuceaholic May 25, 2008
The "feel good" shit you take the morning after a drunken bender (usually the 2nd shit that morning) that feels like you just shit everything out but in actuality you just opened the door for the next 17 shits you are going to take that day that will consist of pure butt piss!
Kirk: "Hey Matt, you okay? You were in the crapper for a while."

Matt: "You think that was bad, that was only the deuce deuce, I'll probably be in there all afternoon too!"
by Matt November 22, 2004
n. Term used for 22" rims.

Also known as Dub Deuces, see:Dub Dueces
I ride on dem deuce deuces gleemin.
by aash March 17, 2003
a gun homes its a mothafuckin 22.

it was made by a gun manufacturur
i shot that bitch nigga in the head with my deuce deuce now his ass aint sayin shit no mo

rest in piss Rico g from tha La Razak

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