nick name for the 22 Illini MTD bus route at Unniversity of Illinois in Urbana Champaign.
How can i get to the ARC?
Just hop on the deuce deuce
by Chief123456789 December 01, 2010
Refering to the second dump of the day, or dropping two loads in a 24 hr. time span
"Man I had to do a deuce deuce, yo"

"Go do a deuce deuce, you'll feel better"
by libradragon20 January 14, 2010
22oz bottle of yuengling, lager's first name.
Friend 1: dude should we get a case of deuce deuces?
Friend 2: of course.
by Lager, Yuengling Lager March 26, 2009
Two 7.5 mg Vicodin combined with two 10 mg Valium.
"Yo, pass me a deuce deuce and let's get jacked up."
by McDeuced May 14, 2009
Term that can be, but not always applied to, smoking marijuana from a joint or blunt, when you take 2 hits before passing, hence the term deuce. (typically does not need to be declared and is an unspoken rule when sparking up.)
Lets go deuce deuce on this.
by sweetness123123 February 08, 2009
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