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To accurately and specifically predict the reaction of someone to a situation or stimulus, showing acute insight into and observation of (or just over-familiarity with) the subject.

Named after alias of the first recorded example of "deuce-ing." Not meant to belittle the subject, but rather, to praise the observatorial powers of the deuce-er.
Time: 1:15
Place: Outside, across street from bar
Jeff and Peter observe John walking in the general direction of bar

Jeff: "Hey, ask John if he's getting a Martini or a Mimosa."
Peter: (Checks watch) To Jeff: "He'll say it's too late for a Mimosa." Yells To John: "Are you getting a Martini or a Mimosa?"
John: (Checks watch) To Peter: "It's too late for a Mimosa."

Jeff & Peter: (Laugh)
Jeff: (To Peter) "Dude, you totally deuced him."
by jmiller September 07, 2006
1 10
Deuce is a 50's slang term for any of the Ford Model B vehicles and most commonly used as a nickname for the 1934 coupe. Many know it best from the Beach Boys' 1963 hit Little Deuce Coupe but the car was also featured years later in George Lucas' film American Graffiti.
Ever wonder what Bruce Springsteen meant when he referred to a "deuce" in his hit song Blinded by the Light?
by OneBadAsp October 24, 2006
53 49
Best rapper alive.
There once was a kid named Deuce Who got sick and tired of being picked on So he got himself a nice 22 Click boom, now he's on the fuckin news
by Adamgo December 22, 2011
4 1
A great rapper and singer who is currently a member of the music group called Nine Lives. Now he does solo songs and some collaborations with other artists like Kinda Major and The Truth.
He is also a former member of Hollywood Undead where he sang the choruses in their first album Swan Songs and their DVD Desperate Measures.
his solo song "Deuce dot com":

Don't Stop
What's my name girl, what's my name girl? (Deuce! )
Don't Stop,
Shake that thang girl, shake that thang!

We can ride if you wanna ride, later
We can dance if you wanna dance, baby
I don't care if you gotta man, save me
Keep standin' by my side,
'Cause you know you're mine!

Hollywood Undead's song "No. 5"
'And all the kids in the hood
come on wave and shake your hands,
Hollywood we'll never go down
When your drunk shake that ass
like you know how to dance. Hollywood we'll never go down'
by zaxelin September 04, 2011
8 5
1. A playing card with two pips

2. Feces

3. A situation in tennis in which a player must score two consecutive points for victory in their respective games.

4. A person, usually male, who has built their entire existence around the sport they participate in. Their free time is spent training for their sport, browsing, searching "cool football catch" on, or watching their favorite sport on television. All their discourses involve sports in one way or another. Their preferred means of transportation is a Ford pick-up truck, the higher up in the F(150-650) scale the better. They usually have large egos, small minds, and a naturally disruptive disposition to others.

5. Two (in quantity)
1. His deuce of hearts beat my ace of spades.

2. Nobody enter the bathroom, Big Bob just dropped a huge deuce.

3. I hate deuces in Wii Tennis.

4. The school weight room was full of deuces and the parking lot full of Ford pick-ups.

5. The score was deuce to zip.
by Chadbrochill211 April 28, 2010
7 4
Taking a #2, taking a shit
I ate a couple Crystal burgers and now I gotta drop a deuce!
by grtlf January 29, 2009
36 33
Getting second on a splif or blunt
I got first, aight DEUCE!!!, fuck, aight trays.
by Razz C March 20, 2006
22 19
Another word for fecal matter, a lot of the time preceding or anteceding the words drop, dropping, or dropped.
On a dark and stormy night, Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N' Roses, opened the front door of his mansion to the smell of roses pervading through the air. He walked upstairs and into his bedroom to find his wife lying face down on their bed. He quickly stripped off his clothes, crouched above her, and dropped a fatty deuce on her back.
by Weezy F Burlo January 08, 2011
3 1