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The baddest trio to ever be caught on film, the Deuce brothers are a gang of three incorrigible brothers who like their women easy, their liquor plentiful, their hookahs free, and their furniture tipped over.

The three brothers are Jimmy "Fingers," Jesse "the Fist," and Taylor "Tip-Cup" Deuce.
Their first film, "A Lucky Day in Hell" is both a social commentary and a documentary that explores the dark undersides to gang life and hotel management.
Not big fans of fig newtons.
"Watch out, those deuce brothers will fuck you up....and then pee on you."
by Angry Gorilla March 18, 2005
A band of brothers who wreak havoc and take names and are frequently caught on video and star in indie movies (the trio first hit the big screen in "A Lucky Day in Hell").
Known by their fingerless black leather gloves, their distinctive gang sign (ring finger and pinkey finger pointing in the air), drunkenness, unnecessary gunfights, and tipping over large objects. Known as the "deuces" because there are three brothers.
"Those goddamn deuce brothers bukkaked my daughter!"
by Tip-Cup March 16, 2005
n. A singular band of three brothers (thus the modifier deuce) and their implied cohorts who are partial to violence, crime, any and all infractions of the law and morality, and alcoholism. Originally comprised of Jimmy "Fingers" Deuce, Jesse "The Fist" Deuce, Taylor "Tip-Cup" Deuce and 08675309. Later added to the group: The BQ
Those blasted deuce brothers stole my couch again!
by First Lady of the Stage March 18, 2005
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