After chugging a can of beer (this does not work with a bottle) one smashes it against his head or that in the surrounding vicinity, aka detonating it, until it is crushed. Then, said detonator throws it wherever he pleases and the act of detonating it is completed. Usually leads to someone getting laid and or married.
Jake: Hey Addie I really like you we should hang out some.. wtf

(Garrett finishes chugging his beer and detonates it on Jake's head, the proceeds to throw it directly in the face of Chapman)

Garrett: DETONATE, bitch

Chapman: Are you kidding me? I'm from Rye.

Jake: Sorry Addie, where was I?

Addie: Oh Jakeee, I love you so much lets scissor!! And then you can squat down and sit on my face. (they make out)
by Ernest Gallagher September 08, 2012
Top Definition
1. Verb.- to cause an explosion.
2. Keyword in a game played between two friends and an "out-of-the-loop" third party where detonate is used to inform the other friend the hit the "out-of-the-loop" friend in the pectoral region. For info on counter attacks, see Blowback.
Sam: Detonate!
Allison: **fwap**
Julie: Ahhh, my bresticle.
by Sqrip February 22, 2007
To pass gas. To break wind. To fart.
Dude, I'ma detonate.
by PoopyPoo March 15, 2005
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