When horny males over the age of 16 follow and hook up with girls of the age of 14 and under because they cant get anyone their own age.
male #1: dude lets sneak out to jenna's house tonight! i hear shes having a sleep over with her friends so there will be plenty of underage chicks to go around!

male #2: niceee man im in!

male#3: I havent gotten any in a month! im desperate!
by yankeesfan22000 July 25, 2009
Doing unforgivable things in the chance that you might get some that night
"Hey Andy what did you do last night in town?"
"Dude i went to Globe bar"
"WTF, that is desperate man. I hope you got some?"
"Nah man, i got ripped off"
by Apple bottom jeans March 24, 2009
Being head over heels in love, but in with a specific person..
Magnolia (1999) Quote: Quiz Kid Donnie Smith: I really do have love to give; I just don't know where to put it.
by LoXaPine October 10, 2004
Driven to or resulting from the loss of hope; rash or violent because of despair;despairing: arising from or marked by despair or loss of hope; having a great desire,need,etc.;offering so little chance as for improvement, as to cause despair; extremely dangerous or serious; extreme; drastic;{Archaic}despairing; without hope
a desperate criminal; "a despairing view of the world situation"; "the last despairing plea of the condemned criminal";"a desperate cry for help";"helpless and desperate--as if at the end of his tether";"her desperate screams";"desperate for affection"; "a desperate illness";"in desperate need";"The Republicans are more desperate than ever."
by Maurice B Thomas August 30, 2006
1.when i see a guy quoting steven segal to impress a girl and actually scoring.
- I'm gonna kick your ass.- says he
- Promise? - and smiles
by namibe January 20, 2005
Emily Wood. The whore who will bring anyone down to her level so she's not alone. She will suck any dude's dick for attention, but nobody wants her anyways.
Dude, Emily Wood is so desperate. Do you think she'd blow me no strings attached?
Definitely not. She'd want to be in a relationship with you.
Dumb whore.
by ihateeverybody. June 16, 2010
Andrea Singleton from Faribault, Minnesota
She'll go out with just about any guy and she really likes to kiss or rape guys in some form of way

Person 1: Hey man do you know who's really desperate
Person 2: No Who? Andrea???
Person 1: FUCK YEAH XD!!!
Both People: Hey is that Andrea
Both People look at echother: RUN AWAY!!! HAHAHA!!!
by BLuEFIRE80 June 07, 2011

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