In dire need of something. Usually associated with people trying to get some from other people. Desperate people is commonly a catch 22. Desperate people usually don't get what they want, thus they are always desperate.
Sue is so desperate to get some guy that she turns them off by being desperate.
by me May 14, 2003
adj: someone who graduated high-school dating a freshmen in high-school
Guy 1: "Hey man, i just got a new girlfriend!"

Guy 2: "How old she?"

Guy 1: "She is 14."

Guy 2: "Dude, you are in college, that is desperate."
#desperation #sad #pathetic #pedophile #stupid
by sirhumphrey July 08, 2012
Texting someone ten minutes after you got their number.
"I gave her my number like ten minutes ago, and she's already texted me....."

"dude, forget her. She's just desperate."
#number #guy #girl #like #text #ten #minutes #dude
by mnmshead April 10, 2013
People who write or look up urban dictionary definitions of good things about their name to take their mind off the fact they rank among the scum of the earth.
Example I

"Oh look Sebastian, this UD entry says that I'm handsome and cool."

"Sounds like someone needs to get hit by a bus... Big time."

Example II

"Hey I want to write about how great the name Lenny is!"

"Wow, you're a desperate piece of garbage"
#desperate #loser #shitface #annoying #namerater
A stoners collection of roaches and resin collected, stored and smoked in a time when they were out of weed.
Hey dude, you wana get high?" "no man i'm out of weed." " don't worry Dude I got those desperates" " titts man lets fire them up!
#dusties #roaches #resin #desperados #ash
by arobine31 April 15, 2011
When horny males over the age of 16 follow and hook up with girls of the age of 14 and under because they cant get anyone their own age.
male #1: dude lets sneak out to jenna's house tonight! i hear shes having a sleep over with her friends so there will be plenty of underage chicks to go around!

male #2: niceee man im in!

male#3: I havent gotten any in a month! im desperate!
#pathetic #horny #deprived #pedifile #underage
by yankeesfan22000 July 25, 2009
drinking your own urine while on ecstasy, meth,ketamine,mushrooms,acid to prolong the experience. drinking another person's urine scores you +10 crackhead points.
Ecstasy is rapidly broken down by the liver but about 60% enters the urine unchanged. The urine could be drunk to recycle it, in the same way that Siberian tribesmen drink each other's urine after eating magic mushrooms. This is known in most circles as 'desperate'
#rolling #thiz #floored #dumb #trippin
by theinfamous84 November 06, 2008
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