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Desiree is a great girl. She is a great mom and an extremly talented individual. Desirees are extremly generous and very sincere. Desiree's are also known for there great sense of humor and always able to make you smile.
Desiree = Fabulous
by SL1GM1 February 07, 2010
559 244
A female who is usually brunette. This name means "desired one" in French/Latin. The name usually fits the girl because Desiree's are known to be pretty, even sexy. Can be extremely nice but a bitch if you get her angry. They get what they want and are stubborn people for the most part. They're clever and most times smart. They're warm and welcoming but they can be coldhearted if wronged.
This girl's name is Desiree, she's of French origin.
by Professor of Definitions November 08, 2010
423 157
the best friend you could ever have!! if she is your friend she will be you friend for ever! even if one of you move!
desiree is my best friend even though i moved! :)
by kaitmeric February 24, 2010
341 147
A girl that is unbelievably gorgeous. However, she honestly has no idea how gorgeous she is and that makes her truly beautiful. She is also sweet and honest which often cause her to struggle with her words because she never wants to hurt anybody but she wouldn't want to lead them on either.
That girl looks that great without ever looking in a mirror, she must be a Desiree.

Wow, every time Desiree talks to me I smile.
by soccer_rebel May 30, 2011
179 46
Desiree is a french name meaning 'Desire'
'I desire her.. whats her name?'
'Her name is Desiree.'
by Djhaha. March 12, 2010
180 52
The worlds best little sister,Usually needs to be advised how to get away with things and how to deal with other annoying older sisters. Loves to get into lots of truoble and often really sweet but can be annoying herself.

Does her best to be a good sister and does well with it. Very good at listening and very good with caring about her sisters,very bad with boys.
Guy:how is your sister as a person?
Girl:shes a real desiree!!!
Guy:shes the best then?
Girl:OF course!she just has to learn to not get with those kinds of boys!
by prezetel April 06, 2008
265 175
Desiree is the name for the sexiest freakin girl ALIVE! All the guys want to be with her, all the girls are jealuse of her.She is really funny and cool. Everyone wants to be her. She is an AMAZING person and fun to be around. Did i meantion she is the SEXIEST FREAKIN GIRL ALIVEEE!!!!!!
by Dessyygurl December 13, 2010
117 31