Someone who is outgoing and likes to have fun. a hott babe that you shouldnt mess with. a desire'e is also someone who likes to stand out and be different from the rest of the crowd.
That person over there is a real desire'e
by Voltadie Sinie November 07, 2008
The most amazing girl ever.!
Every guy wants her and every girl wants to be her.!

She will fuck your shit up.. so cool it.!!!
She is one of the realest girls you will ever encounter and dont call her fake. if you do that just proves you wish you were her.
Desirees have some of the most beautiful eyes and gorgeous smiles. Usually Brunette/Blonde.
Fun loving and is always the center of attention and life of the party.

Usually the class clown.

If you dont hang out with her... you should.!!!!
Haters gunna hate. C;
She usually will have H U G E boobs.
Desiree is also another word for DD/DDD boob sizes.
Guy: OMFG! Did you see the Desiree's on that girl!?!?!?!?
Girl: They are fake.
Guy: HOW DARE YOU HOE.!?!?!? *pimp slap*
by WoahBackUpHoe January 31, 2012
A girl that is unbelievably gorgeous. However, she honestly has no idea how gorgeous she is and that makes her truly beautiful.She can't help that she is honest and open-minded.Usually a blonde with light skin and green or blue eyes.Girls hate her because her best friend is a usually a boy so actual sluts think she's a slut..She's not!She is most likely the cheerleader type! Guy's fall in love with her so bad!They love her.She's not easy too get at all!Desiree is the most amazingly perfect girl you'd ever meet <3
Guy one : Who's she ?
Guy two : That's Desiree!She's my bestest friend!
by _elmo_girl_ March 01, 2012
A girl usally blonde the name orginates from France, has a lot of friends, is beautiful, has pretty hair. Also is super funny! She's nice unless you get on her bad side.She talks a lot + she's a crazy girl and it's hard not to love her. Desiree's like to speak her mind. This name has been around since the 1700's.
Boy: Did you see that girl over there!
Greg: Yeah she's such a Desiree.
by rollinwith65inchrims March 24, 2011
is a girl originating from Bonnyville. She is beautiful, funny, sexy, caring and an amazing girlfriend. You can always count on her to be there for you.
Desiree is the greatest girlfriend in the world.
by StephanB August 07, 2012
De'sire'e is a French word meaning desire. De'sire'e 's are usually exotic in looks, long dark or auburn hair, hazel green eyes, and olive complexion. They are typically warm, gracious, loving, joyful women that know how to bring a smile to anyone, can withstand anything life throws at her, and puts her families and friends needs before her own. A De'sire'e is a good confidante and a source of encouragement. Napoleon Bonaparte married Josephine, De'sire'e 's sister.
For Napoleon, his true love would always be De'sire'e.
by Mary Rose February 02, 2010
A fine and sexy big girl.
Damn. That girl is Desiree'.
by D.S. March 11, 2005

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