Very beautiful girl, usually a brunette, is very funny, Outgoing, and talented put underneath the façade she is one of the biggest bitches you'll ever meet in your entire life, she is quick to judge but can't handle being judged by others, feared by most and feared by all the rest. Desiree is arrogant and stupid and should not to be trusted ever!
Oh God it's Desiree everybody avert your eyes!
by bastillelover March 03, 2015
When a girl is getting her asshole fingered by a male, thinks she's about to climax, and then full out shits all over the man's hand.
Mac: "Bro, I was fingering my girl Hayle last night...guess what she did!?"

Nick: "Uh...did she desiree you?"

Mac: "YEA! She shit all over my hand bro!"
by BLAZNTIMBERWOLF October 06, 2012
A fat person who likes to ride horses, but never loses weight. they enjoys putting strange colours in their hair and expects everyone to say it looks pretty, but the truth is it doesnt. they have a ton of boyfriends one after the other and they all know they can get in her pants.
person 1: omg that girl is so fat
person 2: yeah she is like sooo desiree
by pinklemonade:D May 31, 2010
An instigator and manipulator. Charming at first, but lusts for drama in any situation.
Oh my god, what a fuckin desiree move.

Only a desiree would be that mean.
by Amber's boy February 21, 2009
1. name usually given to a stripper
2. name given to an infant desetined to be a stripper
3. universal word for ho.
"yeah, desiree was doin what desiree's do best."
"i'm gonna name it desiree! because she looks like she will end up on the street and have to turn to a pimp in order to live!"
"yous a desiree"
by hellachunk October 29, 2007
normally givin someone head.
guy 1:Damn i just got fucked by a desiree.
guy 2:ewww that bitch is a hoe
You let a fat ass gorilla fuck you?
guy 1:I regret every second of it!
by carnegie February 02, 2008

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