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So in other words, it's a tablespoon. :P
I eat cereal with a tablespoon. That way, I can shove more food in my mouth than if i used a smaller teaspoon.
by S_t_G April 15, 2005

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It's called a dessertspoon you fucking Yank!

A dessertspoon is about 2.5 times the size of a teaspoon and is used to aid in the consumption of puddings etc without fucking up one's shirt.

Women also use it for satisfaction (hence why I put it in Sex)
Uh...a spoon?

What do you want an example of? It's a fucking dessertspoon not Hume's moral non-cognitivism!
by TheBeast April 05, 2005
WTF is a deasertspoon? You fucking Europeans have to have a weird ass term for everything, don't you?

It's called a fucking teaspoon!
Euro dude: I always add a deasertspoon of sugar to my coffee.
American dude: It's called a fucking teaspoon you fucking douche!
Matrix dude: There is no spoon.
by S_t_G April 05, 2005