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a Derrik is a crazy, sexy young man that the girls just can't seem to get enough of, his face could melt anyones heart. Derriks can often be a bit on the rebelious side of things, mostly because of the uniqe spelling of this comon american name, causing him to get peircings somewhere on his face and to let his hair grow past the mouth. but all you desperate girls dont try to hard to get with this sex god because he is already in love with a super hot chick and has been for years. its just to bad she has a hard time letting derrik into her heart even though she loves him back. derriks also have fragile hearts so its best off that if you get the chance to hold it make sure to hold on tight and not let it fall to the floor and crumble.
God Derrik is so hot and he sure knows how to make me scream ;). to bad his evil ex girlfriend broke his heart one to many times.
by sexychicka4ever March 13, 2011
In German, the name Derrik means- Gifted ruler. From Theodoric.. Other origins for the name Derrik include - German, English, English.The name Derrik is most often used as a boy name or male name.
Living up to his name Derrik showed off his impressive Leadership Skills
by Deroc06 Productions March 18, 2009

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