A person, preferably a female who gives oral sex. A dick sucker. Slang term used around the Chicago area. Could be in reference to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.
"Hey Keisha, let me get that derb." Keisha is a derber.
by Bizzy1 October 12, 2005
Top Definition
an out of place speck of debris
specifically, a piece of green lint on a white sweater would be a derber. a piece of white lint would not be. a booger on a newspaper would be. a booger in your nose would not be.
by andy1 April 03, 2004
it definitely means "someone who gives head" here in Chicago.
You want to derb me?
by TheWeasal December 25, 2004
a person that sucks dick
she's a derber
he's a derber
by 696969 November 25, 2003
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