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an out of place speck of debris
specifically, a piece of green lint on a white sweater would be a derber. a piece of white lint would not be. a booger on a newspaper would be. a booger in your nose would not be.
by andy1 April 03, 2004
205 21

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A person, preferably a female who gives oral sex. A dick sucker. Slang term used around the Chicago area. Could be in reference to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.
"Hey Keisha, let me get that derb." Keisha is a derber.
by Bizzy1 October 12, 2005
55 23
it definitely means "someone who gives head" here in Chicago.
You want to derb me?
by TheWeasal December 25, 2004
30 15
a person that sucks dick
she's a derber
he's a derber
by 696969 November 25, 2003
15 10