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A slang name for female genitalia, often one that has been much used and has a hint of kippers.
Man1: "Look at that sexy bird"
Man2: "Yeah, but I bet she has a snaffleburger"
Man3: "I agree. Can you smell fish?"
by Waldopop March 10, 2011
The ring or stain left on the penis on withdrawal from the anus of your partner. The official "depth mark" is the one closest to the base of your penis and must be at least on 50% around the girth.
Man1: "Dude, I bummed this whore last night. She was so slack, I've never gone so deep before. I was so impressed I have left the depth mark on, check it out"

*Man1 drops pants, Man2 takes a look.*

Man2: "Jeeze, you must have been able to stick your balls in!"
by Waldopop March 10, 2011
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