popularized from actor Johnny Depp, used to describe something cool,hip, totally awesome
That party last night was Depp.
Did you see Josh in those tight jeans, he was lookin' Depp
by missyorkshire December 15, 2003
Top Definition
In German: Village Idiot or just idiot.
When An Interviewer asked Johnny Depp what it means in German he replied "an Idiot"
by Na January 19, 2004
German. Mild insult refering to a person who lacks intelligence. An idiot.
Johnny Depp wondered why those germans always giggled when he introduced himself.
by Krazy Kraut January 18, 2004
An attractive guy.

An attractive guy who is also very suave and laid-back

Source: After the actor Johnny Depp, dubbed to be one of the sexiest men alive.
That guy is a total Depp.
by J. Maverick January 14, 2006
the act of a woman fucking a guys brains out, doing things to him that would only be done with our lord and savior johnny depp.
baby, I'm so horny after watching POTC, I'm going to depp you so good!
by kihjhjgfkluu January 02, 2008
1. Something pertaining to, an impresion of, or related to a pirate
2. An exteremly attractive man or woman
3. A renowned brand of cosmetics

Adam keeps saying "aye", why won't he stop acting like a depp?
by Heather July 22, 2003
A name for a pirate.

Johnny Depp: A celeb.

Pirates name basicly
Ex in Sent.:

"In these cursed foreign waters, many depps are runnin' around the place lookin' for scally wags!"
by Nicolopolis November 28, 2003
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