One bad mofo. the best defensive forward to ever play at the NBA level. Gave shaq fits and that is why everyone should love him.
by yeah yeah August 01, 2003
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not only the best nba forward.... he also banged carmen electra, on several occasions.
playa, if was dennis rodman, i'd have banged carmen electra, on several occasions.
by the white whino December 01, 2003
The best PF that won't make the hall of fame. The orginal NBA player that started the trend of piercings and tattoos.
who's the baddest NBA Player ever?

by Noel February 27, 2005
a pimp. basketball's god.
Dennis Rodman banged three girls in three days and still had time to be one of the NBA's best rebounders.
by ~Ben~ June 16, 2007
A guy so badass, he just walked into North Korea like he fucking owned the place.
You hate on Dennis Rodman, you just scared for your own shitty self.
by crescent March 29, 2013
when a male cross dresses and looks like a female, he/she goes out to where ever looking for some cock.
huckabee picked up a chick from the local pub, brought her back to his pad, then he hit it from behind......he tried to reach around and stimulate her clit but found a dennis rodman
by james gardiner January 29, 2008
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