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Slang in reggaeton for beat. The reggaeton rhythm or beat.
Dembow: Éste tipo de música (reggaeton) El Ritmo. (Lorna - Papi Chulo "suavemente you con el dembow...").

by h0mi December 14, 2005
The music Dembow is a genre that originated in the Dominican Republic , which was developed by the mid- 1990s Although this type of music boomed in the 2010s, it's influenced by much earlier genres of Rap and Hip Hop. :) REBT
Dembow is used as Dominican Republic's own expression of Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae & Reggaeton :) REBT
by RamonEBT January 23, 2016
jamaican slang that means they're gays or homosexuals. separating, dem for them,and bow for gay.
nando boom - dembow, panama rerggae song, popular in erarly 90's, and the song that has the original beat that actual reggaeton uses
by yoyobanton November 03, 2013
In Puerto Rican rap slang, something really great. Also, a fine woman.
Dembow, dale dembow.
by diatrevolo November 09, 2003
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