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A curse like "Fuck" or "Dammit". Usually used with puñeta as well
"Puñeta, coño. I stubbed my toe."

<Roger>Jose- you have your presentation in 10 minutes.
<Jose> Coño! I need more time!
by h0mi May 03, 2004
Slang in reggaeton for beat. The reggaeton rhythm or beat.
Dembow: Éste tipo de música (reggaeton) El Ritmo. (Lorna - Papi Chulo "suavemente you con el dembow...").

by h0mi December 14, 2005
Crazy female. Typically used as an adjective
Mira ese loca puta

Look at that crazy bitch
by h0mi May 03, 2004
Typically "jerk off" for Mexicans. For Puerto Ricans and Dominicans it's a curse like coño.
Puñeta! I stubbed my toe!

Puñeta coño! I have to fix the car again.
by h0mi May 03, 2004
Spanish for Plantain, a starchy relative to the banana that's used in carribean cooking. Never eaten raw.

In the southwest US, this the word used to describe ordinary Bananas.

Also used as an insult to refer to Dominicans, especially to call someone a "come platano" (platano eater).
Platanos are good when sliced into chips and fried.

Pedro Martinez is a Platano.

Sammy Sosa es un "come platano".

"In Santo Domingo, all that grew was platanos so that's all we ate. We ate platanos with sugar for breakfast, platanos at lunch, and platanos for dinner."
by h0mi May 28, 2004
Rarely used by itself- used to mean "hell" or hellish place.
vete para carajo
"go to hell"
by h0mi May 03, 2004
Reggaeton slang for large penis.

Also used by Cubans to denote mass rhythm created by the combination of the basic percussion Instruments in salsa/mambo (the conga, guiro, timbales, clave, and bongo).

See- www.masacoteentertainment.com

(from Guasa Guasa)

Pa' que balas locas como Sam Bigote
Soplapote es el dueño del masacote
Oye, yo si soy killer, mas monstruo que los de "Thriller"
Los mato de lejito como Reggie Miller

(From Vico C's Masacote)

Si masacote es lo que ella quiere
Pues masacote es lo que va a tener
Y el masacote que esta pidiendo
No come cuento y la va a envolver
Si masacote es lo que ella pide
Pues masacote le van a dar
Y el masacote que esta pidiendo
No come cuento y la va a matar
by h0mi December 14, 2005

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