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Someone who keeps repeating the same insults over and over again, and is usually very close minded.
Jack: My god you're so delirious, insane, mentally out of touch, and psychotic.
Jill: Well you're a dembacile
by SunMaster420 October 20, 2013
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Someone who never stops using the same material over and over again.
Josh: LOL dude want to hear a joke?
*2 hours later
Josh: LOL dude want to hear a joke?
Me: shut up you dembacile
by 107104111117114121 November 25, 2013
A generic insult used to describe one who excessively repeats insults for lack of better ones. Derived from the Greek word 'Decymá', meaning "Redundancy".
A: You're a fool, and a peasant.
A: You're also a peasant
B: And you're a Dembacile.
by FireVacuum12 November 24, 2013

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