Best residence hall at Rutgers University where all the coolest kids at RU live. You will often find people congregated on the stoop. This is the best place to make friends because chances are, you'll get the unique opportunity to become acquainted with aforementioned cool kids. Also a great place to find whatever you need.
Mom, you don't understand, there's no point in my going to Rutgers if I don't live in Demarest.

Mettler gargles testicles, move to Demarest
by ctrainz October 17, 2009
Top Definition
A Town in NJ with too many jews and asians. Only 3 Black kids at most in each grade. Nobody hangs out in Demarest all we have is a Dunkin Donuts, Indian Deli, and Pizza. One of the "best school systems" my ass. Drugs and JAPS in Demarest HIgh School and the middle school is cheap as hell. Pretty Girls though. Almost every spoiled Stereotype is here
"Those guys are faggots"
"yeah they're from Demarest"
"Thought so"
by dumbajun October 29, 2011

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