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A weapon Australian guard who would throw himself off a cliff to save a basketball, the son of Chuck Norris, has hospitalised 3 NBA stars and has several stalking charges against Steph Curry.
You better be hustling like delly!
by Sneaky pete June 12, 2015
A cool kid.
Guy who gets all the pussy from girls
Man that kids a delly.
thats Delly
by Josh October 28, 2003
An evil woman who enjoys the suffering of others, especially men
She's a really delly
by kermit February 02, 2004
A girl/boy who is in their teenaged years who is popular for smoking, drinking, drugs and having many sexual relations. Sloppy and always getting into something they probably shouldn't be. Also tend to use people for money and may come off as rude, bitchy and/or whore-ish, but are often used for easy sex. Involed with friends that are a lot like themselves. Very dangerous to trust, and easy to point out. They're the kids your mom warned you about.
Sam: Are you sure you wanna go to that party? There's gunna be nothing but Dellies everywhere.

Zac: Oh yeah man! I heard that one hirl Kim is a horny Delly and wants to get in my pants.

Sam: Oh shoot! Really I heard that Delly girl has STD's though and is slow from all the drugs though.
by d!sturbed4lif3 July 04, 2011
To nod your head uncontrollably from side to side without end...ever!
In dellying his head, Jamie Paolino was emulating the old woman who can no longer control her neck spasms.
by Becky October 27, 2004
1. noun, A homophobic homosexual; one who likes to take it up the anus sideways without protection and yet uses sexual preference insults against others.

2. noun, A person of less than average intelligence. One who is slow and dim-witted, especially one who has dropped out of highschool and lives with his parents. Often has no future.

3. adjective, Used to describe extremely poor quality, especially sprite comics in which characters from twenty different videogames/TV shows join forces for no reason and the flow of the comic is all fucked.
My ruler is all bent and delly.
by Mr J June 06, 2004
Delly, a small child who'se been home schooled, therefore making him retarted. Not only does it make him retarted, it makes him a in the closet kid who creates awful sprite comics.

Ugh, i'd rather slit my wrists than be delly!
by Queer eye for the Gay Guy April 05, 2004
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