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To smear shit around your prison cell.
popular with IRA hunger strikers in the 70's.
by kermit April 24, 2003
interjection: meaning darn, crap, shit, or "ooooo thats not good"
"Oh, crudmuffins, I left it at home!!!"
by kermit June 18, 2003
another name for a bowl, or pipe used to smoke marijuana. The whistle is a passage to enlightenment or just gets you blazed as a motherfucker.
"How high are you?"
"Sky high"
"Must be that damn buddha whistle"
"(giggle giggle)"
by Kermit February 11, 2005
An annoying fatass whom you still hang out with even though he's a moron and his speech and thoughts never make any sense.
The work collegue that you let be your friend cause he has no others.
by kermit March 14, 2005
A strange illness usually contracted through iminant loss of a much loved work collegue.
Symptoms include:
Abusive behaviour on forums
Neglecting tea duties
Strange odour
by kermit March 14, 2005
An evil woman who enjoys the suffering of others, especially men
She's a really delly
by kermit February 02, 2004
Cola, mainly Coca-Cola, mixed with milk and any kind of booze, or virgin (just drop the booze)
"Can I get a white motherfucker?"
by Kermit March 22, 2004

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