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To absolutely obliterate any credence, verity or seriousness one may be in possession of by making a fucktardedly stupid comment.
Zac: "I'm thinking about going to France over the summer. Look, this guy Haitian character in Ghost Dog is speaking Japanese!"
Frank: "That's not Japanese... That's French. Delegitimized."


Zac: "I dont see what you're pointing at, but I will drop my guard and stare blankly at that area while you blatantly steal half my soda."
Vincent: "Delegitimized."
by Frank March 31, 2003
2 Words related to delegitimize
Reversal of the process of legitimization, see What people do to Bobby Liu
"Oh man, I'm so good at Pikachu!"
(Pikachu dies, and the player loses.)
"Smack! You just got delegitimized!"
by Rustjive March 31, 2003
To destroy the credibility of someone as a human being by action or comment.

Not to be confused with illegitimize which means to go back in time and unmarry someone's parents and to make them a bastard see Frank.
Vincent: <generic insult>
Zac: "Why don't you just call me gay?"
Vincent "..."
Zac: "Deligitimized"
by Zac March 31, 2003
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