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(n) an extreamly small state that might as well just be an annex of Pennslyvania.
Delaware is NOT a city in Philadelphia.
by Ali March 18, 2005
27 71
Worst State '06-'06. Not only are the people from Delaware freakishly small, but bad breath and hair problems infect a good 50% of the inhabitants.
I was going to go to Delaware, but then I decided to slit my wrists and lay in the bathtub instead.
by NJ4L May 04, 2007
17 62
a place where theres nothing to do but sit around and watch tylers mom clean the house. growl!!!
i have to get my pleasure from delaware
by MILF September 01, 2003
17 68
where the hell is it?
by swat September 02, 2003
24 113