Deja vu is life lag - when you see something, but because of high ping you see it twice
Guy 1: Whoa...I have strange feeling this happened before...can't remember when
Guy 2: You just had deja vu. It's an repeated experience of something you did before
Guy 1: So,you can consider going to bathroom as deja vu?
by Anchica December 19, 2008
Is the feeling you get as though you had performed a certain action before, although you are certain that you hadn't.
People only use 34% of their brain's capacity on a daily basis. Deja vu is probably a sudden case of psycic ability for a short amount of time, therefore, making you believe that you had performed the action before you had actually done it. It's just that you had seen yourself do it a split second before you had actually done it.
by Pee in the park May 31, 2005
Havent i been here before type of feeling. Opposite of vujade
When i walked into the room, i had such a sense of dejavu, even though i had not been there before.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
The feeling that you are doing something that you've already done before. Literal translation "already seen" (from French, deja 'already', vu 'seen'). Apparently it's due to a blip in your brain process which gives you the illusion that you've been somewhere/done something before, and technically, you have - a fraction of a second ago.

However, a common misinterpretation of deja vu is a repeat of a certain event. For example, in an episode of Garfield and Friends (US Acres) Orson perpetually removes the same book (Deja vu: the feeling that you are doing something that you've done before) from a box of books over and over again. This is NOT deja vu; rather, it's an event that doesn't have a forseeable end: an infinite loop, if you will.

If you walk into a room and immediately get the feeling that you've been there before, then that is a case of deja vu.
When i stepped out the door and looked at the sky, i immediately felt like i'd forseen this. wow, deja vu. looks like its going to be a very interesting day...
by Tengu September 26, 2006
The term déjà vu (French: "already seen", also called paramnesia) describes the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously. The term déjà vu (French: "already seen", also called paramnesia) describes the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously.

For an example of deja vu, see above.
by Adam Haaretz April 19, 2006
When one feels like he/she noticed same event experienced in the past again for a brief time, afterwards in awe, feeling like time repeated itself exactly the same way, objects,people,sounds,smell, revived old memory you never remember you had.
Most of the time Dejavu is left unnoticed. Just because it lasts for a shorter time than it takes to blink.
Wow, i felt like having a Dejavu.
by ironTulip September 22, 2011
something that seems to have been repeated.
to experience hell for the second time around
by Ashley July 07, 2003
there are some idiotic bastard on here, deja vu occurs when the human brain uses exactly the same thought pattern twice, this often sparks the belief that u have done the momentary action before. also, when i get deja vu it makes me feel ill like nausea, its a type of epilepsy which can cause black outs.
Tom: oh oh, deja vu...

Dave: wtf?

'tom passes out'
by tom hubbard November 16, 2005

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