The act of throwing out Microsoft Windows and running Apple OS X/iOS or Android/Linux.
My defenestration was complete when I replaced my Dell with an iMac and synced my iPad and iPhone with it.
by Nocus June 13, 2012
to throw something or someone out of a window.
look it up.
defenestration has been used many a time to deposit of unwanted clingy ex-boyfriends and girl-friends
by Cathrine Kitterline November 28, 2009
v. The act of throwing out of the window
Trogdorita defenestrated Trogdor in act of PMS rage. (extreme ultimate burnination)
by Amy and Mooski May 28, 2003
the act of throwing up out the window while drunk.
I was so drunk on Friday night I defenstrated out the cab window.
by Holly October 11, 2004
The act of throwing someone out of a window
Guy 1: Dude my girl friend is being a huge bitch.
Guy 2: You could always commit some defenestration on her bitchy ass.
Guy 1: Good point
Later that day in hosptial
Doctor: you girlfriend has 18 broken vertebrea, she is lucky to be alive
*Guy 1 Defenestrates doctor to solve that problem*
by Sgt. SkullFucker May 28, 2015
The act of throwing someone out of a window
Death by defenestration has a venerable histort
by Lyric Avery May 21, 2015

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