See also davefeldman it will bring you to the right place
Look over there at that D.E.F.
by 405Stinky May 04, 2005
Short for "Definitely"
- "Sometime in the future, we're going to that Harry Potter amusument park."

- "defs!!"
by letsTPtheplace July 07, 2010
the uncool, lazy way of saying "definitely"
Hey Carly, i'm your best friend right?" "Yea! defs!
by DKO123 September 26, 2010
short for definately origniated from the land of wycombe inhabited by the abbey massive cru, who have officially spread it across the country
livi - 'lets go check out those RGS hotties'

karms - 'defs '
by the abbey massive cru March 29, 2005
the uncool lazy way of saying "definitely"
Hey carly, i'm you're best friend right?" "Yea! defs!
by HiImRightYourWrong September 25, 2010
A shortened word for defintions - used by instant messaging high school students and sometimes in every day conversation
Kenny: hey man, what other defs can we add? The world should be informed of the bad things people say
Alex : We'll help people define what goes on this this world...
by Kenny Benka March 13, 2008
plurism of the word def
I spent all day entering stupid defs into the urbandictionary.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate May 23, 2005

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