A Deeter is anything and everything you can point your finger at and laugh.
You got Deeter on your face.

You dropped your Deeter.

You dropped your Deeter stick.

Is that a Deeter in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
by jbays420 March 09, 2009
An effect in investment trading where the best intentions always result in disaster. If a sum is placed in stocks, the market will immediately collapse. You then Deeter and transfer your stocks to bonds as a stop loss. The stock market then rallies to all time highs and the bond market languishes causing you to Deeter again and transfer your bonds to stocks at a great loss in hopes of catching the market rally.
I put my money in stocks and the market dropped so I did a Deeter and put it in bonds and then the stock market rallied and I did another Deeter and put it back in stocks. I lost my ass! Damn my Deeter ways!
by wheaty August 30, 2007
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