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deepak is a word in hindi a language of india which means a lamp made of mud or metal in which we put oil and cotton to spread light, in india it is being used in auspicious occasions also, like festivals(Deepawali etc)and in prayers like in church people use candles, it is considered to be a very good name, as it spreads good message to give light to other standing in dark.
today is deepawali please light deepak or diya
please light deepak in prayer room in morning and in evening
by abhimanyu January 23, 2006
Meaning " Light" in Hindi an Indian language. Poet, Philosopher, lover, friend, Warrior
When I'm lonely and need a friend I need a Deepak. He is the light of my life.
by cage222 June 22, 2010
An Indian name that can double as a stress-relieving way of calling someone a D-bag.
Individual A: "What's your problem man? Back off!" (now switch to the thickest Indian accent possible and enunciate at the top of your lungs) "DEEPAK!"
Individual B: "Uhhh... ok dude. Weirdo..."
by KhafeKhoon May 17, 2010
An act of on an individual who always misses out and wishes "have fun" and other well wishes for the group he misses out.

(The guy who always misses out on everything)
Darshbag: Hey guys, you guys wanna meet up for the bbq?
Karvadboy: yea dude sound like a plan. Lets roll.
basha: I am down too
DEEPAK: Oh Sorry guys I gotta deepak you. Will be missing out, have fun.
darshbag: Oh no! he is deepaking on us again
by darshbag164 July 25, 2014
a guy who is mentally deranged; a sociopath; a whack job; a guy who can lie to your face without blinking an eye and get you to agree that his lie is the truth.
man, hell..that dude pulled a deepak on me...did that whole dark side jedi seth warrior mind shit on me..didn't know if I was coming or going.
by cocopuke May 10, 2010
An act of drunkenly taking another man to your father's marital bed, waking your father, and insisting on sleeping in the bed with this other man so much so, that your father goes ahead and sleeps on the couch downstairs.
Yo Jimmy totally pulled a deepak with Bill the other night.
by ZMorris February 24, 2010
to hate on another person to redirect others' hate of you. also defined as blatantly lying about others drunken behavior to redirect attention from your own destructive behavior. can be described as throwing someone under the bus while blatantly denying your participation in said activities.
i got an email saying you tried to hook-up with kitty-kat four times last night.

What! Don't deepak me!
by gus vanderslew April 20, 2008

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