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Used in the British Army. Stands for British Army Standard Hotel Accomidation.
Set your BASHA up here and get your head down.
by Sockpuppet June 26, 2005
Basha- a girl that is very attractive. She often has the best hair in the group. Many boys are attracted to her. She gives the best blow jobs in the country. Basha also has the best body and has perfect boobs to ass ratio.
I heared he hooked up with basha on vacation, damn he's lucky!!
by Pinkkie September 03, 2011
I've heard this term used by young Korean men who put their index fingers together and ram their other male friends in the arse when they bend over and yell "BASHA!!!". It is done in fun and is not homosexual in nature. It's like a titty twister.
Sang bent over to get a pen and I went BASHA and got him in the ass.
by Patchwork March 17, 2004
Can be used for anything and everyword. Often used as a replacement of a swear word.
You are so full of Basha
by MattyMac589 July 11, 2006
A shelter. The term Basha is commonly used in the army. Escpecially the British SAS.
"This spot may be good to set up a Basha."
by Diego July 29, 2003
The great pizza Creator. Pizza so close you could almost get it delivered!
Must eat, Can we please get delivery?

8 cans of root beer!
by foug March 25, 2003
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