Someone who is both a dork and a geek, thus making them a "deek"
Nah man, you're a total deek. Go away.
by Miss.Buttlock. March 18, 2011
1) A short, sweet way of saying "Double Kill" when playing online/console first-person shooter video games.

2) A possible nickname for Donkey Kong.
I was playing Halo and these two guys tried to run up on me. They didn't know I had a shotgun, and I got an easy deek.
by Solepsis September 21, 2011
means "don't know". comes from the internet abbreviation, "dk"
what are you doing this weekend?
by SG is a pimp December 15, 2005
A person who study's all the time and is a geek but is still not very clever i.e. a dumb/stupid geek
"Smiley is a deek, studying all fucking day and still failed"
by ratcher24 May 17, 2010
A perpetual nuisance that tends to linger even after you have "cleaned house." Most likely a blonde female who frequents local sports bars in hopes to get in on some "redball express" action. She is a ginger lover.
Wanna come to the bar with us?

Nah man, I'm getting deeked on.

Dude my phone is getting deeked up!

Mine too, deek!
by slutslut_samwell December 14, 2009
A word meaning dick but said in a nicer fashion. Said around people that may be offended by the word 'DICK!'
"hey deek. what's up?"
"DEEK! i just spilled my hand cream all over my pants!"
"deek, that sucks."
by Toe Tee. September 13, 2009
1.A title given to those that don't belong to the "Dork" nor "Geek" category.

2.A special orginization formed in 2003 with only 2 members. The information on that group is classified.
1.The man was clearly not a geek nor a dork. He was more of a Deek.

2.Deeks were a mejestic group of people that had un-human like powers and could easily dominat foes.
by Edward December 10, 2003
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