When someone is getting loud, sassy or mouthy.
Somone raises their voice at you and you respond:

"Hey, you better check your decibels!"
by psufreak October 06, 2009
Top Definition
A unit for expressing the intensity of sound. Also known as 'dB'
My subwoofer is at 2.12 decibels out of a possible 30.00 decibels, and still the neighbors are complaining.
by nyiddle January 05, 2006
A measurement of one's gait.
(Baker and Gabby walk like they are on a mission, while Emily lags behind) "Emily, why are you walking so slow?" "What are you talking about, I'm walking at a normal decibel, you guys are the ones walking wicked fast."
by smeagly December 29, 2011
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