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The ringing in your ear that is sometimes heard, usually because a sound is too loud.
My music was so loud, I now have chronic tinnitus.
by Steven December 15, 2003
A ringing in the ears. It's normally temporary, but it can be permanent. People who frequent loud concerts and/or people who listen to their MP3 players at full blast (with headphones, of course) are the main victims of Tinnitus.
Random Teenager: Damn, why did I have to listen to my music so loud? I wish I had just turned down the volume. How am I supposed to sleep with this Tinnitus?
by Zicksen August 18, 2006
Death Metal Band from San Rafael, California.
Tinnitus will take you to the Hadopelagic Zone.
by deathmetaldavez April 04, 2011
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