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The Australian Parkour Association Inc. (APA) was formed in 2006 by some of the most experienced and dedicated Parkour practitioners in Australia in order to develop Parkour as a discipline and to foster its growth in Australia. It is a nationally recognised organisation capable of operating anywhere within Australia.

The organisation was formed out of the need for liability cover for those who organise training sessions and a body with nationwide representation to guide and develop Parkour in Australia.

The association was formed, and is run by active Parkour practitioners. For these people the Parkour and the people who wish to learn it come first. The association is there for the benefit of others, the people who created it aim to keep it that way.
John "How do you learn parkour?"

David "I learned the basics of parkour by going to APA classes, now I know how to train safely by myself and with my friends."
by pkguy February 16, 2010
The second greatest wwe tag team ever(next to edge and christian). It stands for alcolyte protection agency.
oh, fuck here comes the apa!
by Unknown March 18, 2005
A way of referencing certain taboo sexual activities;

Alcohol, Porn & Anal
I really need some APA tonight
by Scashi June 16, 2009
Acronym for Asian People Association. Originally created on the East Coast in the year 2003, which consisted of only five members. Word got around and new people joined the group to show Asian pride.

Contrary to popular belief, members do not have to be of Asian descent. Members of the group normally stick together as a group and attend frequent meetings. The main purpose of APA is to recognize and enjoy the Asian culture. This includes anything from the cars to the girls and the food. Although most qualify to become part of APA, membership must be approved by one or more of the original five creators.

A dispute in an individual's membership is accepted or declined to the group by a simple vote of the five creators. Three or more favorable votes allows the person to join the group.

The original group began with the following: R.O.B.-KP-Nate Dawg-Chingz-K.MC
APA is used just like any other acronym.

1)There is an APA meeting Friday at 7:00pm.
2)Can I join APA?!
by RKNCK July 24, 2005
Confused from a question or statement which one does not understand... or to express one's excitement
Do you want *mumble* *mumble*" "Apa"
by Victor von harrison June 17, 2011
Absolutely Positively Anything

Synonyms - Anything Goes, your hearts desire, whatever you want, fantasy come true
Sunday is adventure night baby. I want to give you "APA".
by KandB August 31, 2008
A girl that thinks pervertedly and constantly makes "that's what she said moments"
That girl Hannah is such an apa!
by Asiebuddy July 08, 2011
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