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when one farts and it smells as if something has died and is in the process of decaying inside your rectum.

This type of fart usually clears out entire rooms and/or houses depending on how bad the said death fart is.

typically you want to avoid anyone who has death farts often, for they will more then likely stink.

1."OMG! dude i just death farted in my house, we can't go back inside till its quarantined."

2."dude i had a death far earlier, i threw up a little in my mouth it was so bad."
"ha-ha dam wish i could have smelled it"

3."this old guy at the movies had a death fart and cleared the whole place out. i don't think he could smell it because he was the only one still watching the movie"
by escalade77 August 14, 2011
The final gaseous emission from the lower loins, occuring at or about the exact time of death.
Man, I did the angry dragon on that ho, but realized I mussa snapper her neck cuz I heard dat DEATH FART come outter azz...
by LouiePajamas November 02, 2007
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