that u will die b4 u dishonor yo gang or hood
OG 1- "ni66a u kno wat it iz death before dishonor"
by D-boi April 16, 2007
Top Definition
You will die before going against anything that you believe in or die before you sell out.
death before dishonor -She would die(death) before forgeting who she is and (dishonoring)turning on her family/friends.
by _SUCKA FREE_ March 08, 2009
Death Before Dishonor: To die before dishonoring what ever holds great value.
Is a Marine Corps saying. Meaning you will die before you dishonor GOD, COUNTRY, or CORPS. It can also be related to anything you believe in that much. Family, friends, THE CAUSE, what ever you feel you would rather die before you dishonor it. Hence DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, SEMPER FI!!
by Coolehip April 01, 2013
Death Before Dishonor is a hardcore band hailing from south Boston. Death Before Dishonor’s humble beginnings started to rise with the release of Friends Family Forever, a seven song EP on Bridge Nine Records. They have toured with Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, and Terror. This is the type of music that wakes you up in the morning right before you attack the weight room.
I just listened to Death Before Dishonor and now I feel like I could lift a house.
by Murderflakes January 07, 2010
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