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One of the most complete and comprehensive documentaries of your every day lax bro

In the words of Branford :

"I like to Lax, and I like to party, I gotta lot of spoons, my favorite i call Fluffy. Scored two goals in practice one day in High school, best goals I've ever scored. I like to chill with my buddies and lax in the backyard. While Deciding my college process i was like D1, D3? and after a while I was like Hey, I gotta go D1, although It's at the club level. Lastly, I get lot's of chicks, but not because I lax, i happen to be very Affluent."

My Style :

-Lax Pinnie (when i'm not hookin' up with chicks)
-Nice Shorts
-Turf Dogs
-Mid Calf Socks
- And a sweet pair of shades.
Brantford Winstonworth " I dont know what it is, my family tends to move to hotbed Lacrosse areas. It;s amde me a magnetic force from the great Lacrosse gods.

Brantford Winstonworth " D1, D3 I dunno. But after awhile I was like, hey I gotta go D1, and I am....its at the club level...but Im D1."

Brantford Winstonworth " Bros....Anyone care to Lax???"

Brantford Winstonworth " I like to Lax...And I like to Party"
by MurderFlakes February 14, 2010
Named for the infamous 1947 slaying of 22-year-old Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia, sounds like they should live in Scandinavia, whence originates much of the frenetic brand of death and black metal that inspires them. Formed in January 2001, the group followed their six-song What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse demo with the four-track A Cold-Blooded Epitaph EP, which was released on their own Lovelost Records. With a number of acclaimed concerts appearances like the Milwaukee Metal Fest already under their belts, the group then signed with Metal Blade in 2003 and were soon recording their debut album, Unhallowed. 2005's Miasma and 2007's Nocturnal kept death metal as the group's foundation, though the band began exhibiting an increasingly melodic streak that came to fruition on 2009's brutal, but majestic Deflorate.
The Black Dahlia Murder is such a well-balanced brutal band. I saw them live and went nuts when this bad-ass gorilla started running around the stage during Statutory Ape
by MurderFlakes February 04, 2010
Austrian Death Machine is exactly what you should hear from a heavy band.

- a continuously fast paced tempo you can always circle pit to

- the obvious build up to a breakdown you'll know how to mosh to

- classic sing alongs to pile up and sing along with

- a guitar solo in every song

And yes... never leave out the obvious key component, cliche vocals that sound really angry!

Bottom line, Austrian Death Machine is fast, pissed, brutal and every song has a guitar solo. You won't find fantasy lyrics or overly poetic personal jargon. There are only forcefully chanted, testosterone drive phrases that our sweet badass governor Arnold would approve of. The brutal songs include such classics as...

"It's Simple, If it Jiggles it's Fat" (Double Brutal)

"Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies?" (Double Brutal)

"Get to the Choppa" (Total Brutal)

"I Am a Cybernetic Organism Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton" (Total Brutal)"

"If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It" (Total Brutal)

"Who Is Your Daddy, And What Does He Do?" (Double Brutal)

"Come on, Do it, Do it, Come on, Come on, Kill me, Do It Now" (Double Brutal)

"It's Not a Tumor" (Total Brutal)

Austrian Death Machine is a tribute to the great Arnold movies.
You know how I said that Austrian Death Machine's Total Brutal was the best thing ever to be created by mankind ever…I lied. Double Brutal is now truly the best thing ever created on this planet (That is until Keep It Brutal comes out)
by MurderFlakes February 01, 2010
The Red Chord is a brutal grindcore band from Revere, Massachusetts. Simply put, they know how to shred. Their album Fed Through the Teeth Machine is a nasty, death metal fused assault on your ears and lever lets up from start to finish. The Red Chord's music is novelistic and impressionistic; you probably won't be able to fully wrap your head around what you've just heard after a single listen.
After listening to The Red Chord, I have come to the conclusion that the music on Fed Through the Teeth Machine is like a hulking hammer that rips and tears at the fabric of all that is trend-driven.

If you want to have your bones reduced to dust and your brain taken out scrambled and put back in by music, then The Red Chord are up for that task with Fed Through the Teeth Machine.
by Murderflakes January 04, 2010
Layer Cake is a British gangster thriller published in 200 and later turned into a 2004 film, it follows XXXX A savvy 29-year old drug dealer hoping to pack up his earnings and leave the game to live life as "a gentleman of leisure" when he reaches the age of 30. According to him " I'm not a gangster, just a businessman. And my commodity happens to be cocaine."

The title refers to the human social strata, especially in the British crime underworld, as well as the numerous plot layers in the film.
You're born, you take shit. You get out in the world, you take more shit. You climb a little higher, you take less shit. Till one day you're up in the rarefied atmosphere and you've forgotten what shit even looks like. Welcome to the layer cake son

My name? If you knew that, you'd be as clever as me.
by MurderFlakes January 30, 2010
A Band from Boston Mass. Nate Newton, the band's lead vocalist/guitarist also plays Bass in Converge. They put on an excellent live show and have opened for bands such as Danzig and Clutch. In the words of Nate Newton..."If You heard of us...where the hell have you been".
I saw Doomriders at the House of Blues and they rocked my face off. Listening to them was nothing less than pure sensory enlightenment.
by Murderflakes January 02, 2010
Clutch is an American rock band from Germantown, Maryland, formed in 1990. Clutch invented rock. Each Clutch album is marked by a distinct and cohesive sound. Strong blues influences have also become prominent in the releases of the later years.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is actually based on true events in Tim Sult and Neil Fallon's life. They are the saviors of Rock and the World. They traveled backwards through time to create Rock (in 1733, for the record) and came back to 1992 to hone and shape it like the Rocksmiths that they are. They demand your worship!! Who are you to deny them?

Neil Fallons' (The lead singer) lyrics at first angry and serious in tone have become characterized with intelligence, wordplay, and often humor. Their songs make frequent reference to history, mythology, popular culture, and religion:

"I Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth", tells the story of a fisherman who discovers the corpse of Lincoln's assassin in the Susquehanna River.

"Burning Beard": "Every time I look out my window/ same three dogs looking back at me. Every time I open my windows/ cranes fly in to terrorize me."

His younger sister, Mary Alice Fallon-Yeskey, is employed at Charm City Cakes, and appears on the Food Network series Ace of Cakes.
"After listening to Clutch I have found out that if your not learning your retiring, you've got to take some risks to learn. There's always something to learn."

"There's a sacred, ancient dialog between the musician and the listener. When that happens, it's priceless. That's what people get out of Clutch. It's more of a philosophical reward than anything else."

Clutch is lLike Marlon Brando, but bigger. All around Pure Rock Fury.
by Murderflakes January 04, 2010

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