Dead Head or Dead headedness occurs when one in so redundant in heart mind and soul that all they do is scour the dump sites of the internet..spending their days 'being a computer whizz' ..hitting up the porn sites and lady sites to score some action when in reality they are dead heads..who try to sound and come off like they have their shit together when in reality they really do suck at life and always have the same girl problems..the kind of guy who has been a dater since he was like know that guy who always has a girlfriend??and always talks shit,has a ton of issues and makes up crap to u and says stuff like its not my fault..
fast forward ten years later he is still a dead head doing the same things since he was fifteen being an immature evil motherfucking asshole in life..acts up on all the fake emo but we know what he is really about..doesn't care about real issues..would never devote a whole 72 hours to one site..and you could say the same in life ..lack of dedication and chanelling engeries means he sucks for life and is just another porn hoarder with a new std to bring to the mating pool..
a talentless hack
a jerk off
a porn hoarder

who always lies about how many girls hes had ..hes had TONS ..but he wont tell u that he will sit his lying ass down and say hes had like two and ur his ....thrid gf..
a total liar,who will say anything to you,doesnt care about ur friends or how u fell,he is just a piece of shit scum dead head

tries to appear like he has other interests wen really all he does is watch porn,p2p and kids naked..

is a total jerk

will be doing the same shit when he is 42..

future wife beater..
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a person who greatly enjoys the music of the Grateful Dead and particularly the genius of Jerry Garcia.
My sister has been to 218 Grateful Dead shows...She's definitely a true deadhead.
by logos March 21, 2003
One who is a fan of the 60's rock band Grateful Dead, often wear tie-dye shirts and follow the band across the country on tour.
Pete's a dead-head, he went to every Grateful Dead concert this year!
by John August 31, 2003
n. a person that is very interested in the music of the Grateful Dead, Ratdog, The Other Ones, and frequently other jam bands.
She was a deadhead and toured the country following Jerry Garcia
by reptiles October 04, 2002
Deadheads are the large group of devoted fans of the Grateful Dead. Mainly Hippies the Deadheads have created a counterculture that exists at any Grateful Dead or Dead related (e.i. Ratdog) concert. Many followed the Dead on there nationwide tours trying to get tickets to all the shows. The Grateful Dead concert scene is thriving because of the Deadheads who can still have fun even f they do not score a "Miracle ticket" or a free concert ticket handed to you by a stranger. They feel the Grateful Dead concert is a freeing, awe-inspiring experience. Many Deadheads recreationally use marijuana and LSD especially during the concerts though this is not the case for all Deadheads. Many types of people are Deadheads, even some politicians such as Bill Clinton have called themselves Deadheads. Deadheads generally don tie-dyed clothes, the trade mark birkenstock sandals, and many have dreadlocks. They are laid-back and fun-loving, as well as non-judging and accepting of all types of people. The Deadhead scene has sadly shrunken is size with the death of Jerry Garcia an icon of their peace-loving counterculture.
Me "I love the band the Grateful Dead meaning I am a Deadhead.
by deadheadben January 02, 2010
A hardcore fan of the Grateful Dead. The complete opposite of a Parrothead.
Julio: Dude, that bro is trippy.
Beckworth: Hahaha, bro, that is just a Deadhead.
by Ambassador-C May 19, 2008
1) A fan of the 60's hippy rock outfit The Grateful Dead.
2) To remove the dead seed pod from a plant as part of a pruning reigime. (normally applaied to roses)
3) To give oral sex to a corpse
The dead head was doing a spot of dead heading in his garden.
by black flag June 14, 2004
A collective sub-culture of 'deadicated' fans of the American psychedelic/jam/rock band the Grateful Dead.
Look at all the traffic, Jill. Oh, there's that festival this weekend. Must be all the deadheads passing through.
by leshtricity September 07, 2008
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