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A person (usually a teenager,) who tries to follow with the new pseudo-goth trends (usually the ones they pick up at the mall) and try to show it off like it's some sort of uber-fucking evil religion.
Hot Topic is the mallgoth's place of worship. I don't recommend going there on weekends when schools out.
by TekFox September 24, 2003
A lesser known definition:

A form of musical composition when every instrument play repeatedly and rapidly, with unpredictable changes of stance in the beat.
Did you guys see Narcosis last night at the show? That shit was so fucking grind!
by TekFox February 01, 2004
Shorthand term meaning Type O Negative - as referring to the band.
Hey dude, you see Type O last night at L'Amour?
by TekFox October 17, 2003
A person who has done so many drugs over the years, they are barely responsive.
My friend Jim has been using acid for like, 20 years and still has problems remembering his birthday.
by TekFox September 24, 2003
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