The Dead Kennedys are a great punk band that was formed by East Bay Ray (the guitarist) putting an ad out for a singer. Soon they formed a whole band and after a year they got a new drummer and their second guitarist had to leave (something about a disabilty, not much is known). Their lyrics were more against the (at the time) current leaders and normal behavior than anything else. Also, after they got back together, contrary to what some people might say, they're better off without Jello Biafra because he proclaimed himself an anarchist but didn't support anarchy and also when it was found that the band was underpaid $79,000 he kept it for himself to boost his own career. He is a great singer but a horrible person, and they're much better off because now they have a singer that grew up listening to them.
Don't believe me? Search the Dead Kennedys and check out their site then go to links and click DK v ATR, it explains it all. Oh yeah, obey them? Wow, you really get their music /sarcasm.
by paul700 July 29, 2006
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Dig up her bones is wrong in saying the Dead Kennedys is a street punk band.
by sk8skanj November 03, 2004
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a band that sucks. people who think they are cool and really punk listen to it, then do everything to CONFORM to the views expressed in the songs. in reality, they are trying harder to CONFORM to this punk lifestyle than most Abercrombie models try to conform to the lifestyle of polo shirts.
A person has to be a real douche bag to be Too Drunk to Fuck.
by Ihatethem February 23, 2005
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