The greatest goddamn punk band ever to walk the earth, and proof that all good things must come to an end. Active from the late-70s to mid-80s, the Dead Kennedys consisted of vocalist Jello Biafra, guitarist East Bay Ray, drummer D.H. Peligro, and bassist Klaus Flouride. Producing five studio albums, the Dead Kennedys wrote songs that still ring true in this day and age
"MTV get off the air...NOW!"- Dead Kennedys, 1985
"Amen to that"- all intelligent people worldwide, 2010

"The law don't mean shit if you've got the right friends, that's how this country's run." Dead Kennedys, from their version of "I Fought the Law", rewritten about the Moscone-Milk assassinations.
"What else is new?" -people watching news coverage about the financial crisis, 2008-present
by c deez nuts June 15, 2010
Used to refer to someone who is too drunk to fuck.
She says : Hey you wanna come back to my place and hump?

He says : Fuck it, i'm a dead kennedy.
by February 10, 2004
See Punk.....................
Dead Kennedys are the most realest punk band out there. Others may come close, such as Bad Brains, but they still cant come close to DK's awesomeness.
by Mr. xTra May 10, 2007
A kickass punk band in that started in the late 70s and went into the 80s.

Vocals: Jello Biafra
Lead Guitar: East Bay Ray
Base: Klaus Flouride
Drums: D.H. Peligro
Dead Kennedys rock!!!
by Blitzkrieg999 May 01, 2010
The raddest fuckin punk band on the planet. Their best songs are: Police Truck, Soup Is Good Food, MTV Get Off The Air, Riot, Forest Fire, Halloween, and Winnebago Warrior.
Chris Koteras: "DK sucks!"
Justin: "Fuck you, you little bitch! The dead kennedys are so kickass, they single-handedly created the Bay Area punk scene, fought against the PMRC, and had a fun time doin' it. So go suck your moms massive cock, faggot."
by the storm drains May 09, 2008
A kick ass REAL punk band!!!!!!
Without Jello, Dead Kennedys are washed up
by DKforLife November 19, 2003
A badass punk band who made their point with acidic social commentary. Split and Jello biafra has since became an asshole. The band still plays with a replacement vocalist and do pretty damn well.
The Dead Kennedys are badass, with or without Jello.
by Nowhere, CA April 02, 2005

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