See RAM.
We put DDR in the system because fucking RD-RAM was too expensive.
by Someone else October 15, 2002
Dongs and
"Hey man you coming to that party?"
"No way I heard there was going to be DDR"
by Eric Chin June 01, 2005
aka Dance Dance Revolusion

Dancing game, just on the arrows
Annoying asian music
"Have you heard of ddr"
"Yeah, I master 'Rhythem and Police'"
by kimmy booth May 15, 2005
Possibly the noobest of all good music games out there. Konami decided to make this game to be intended for: little girls, gothic people who wear cat ears, and anime nerds. These people love to play A on Heavy even though they fail it every time.

While the anime kids were happy for passing a 6 footer on DDR for the first time, we were laughing at them while we passed 13s on ITG.
by MilkChan816 April 16, 2006
ever notice how everyone who plays ddr doesn't shower, is extremely greasy, or fat, and only have friends who play ddr. if you wanna lose weight why not actually excersize. then shower after, cause sweat reeks.
im fat, instead of going to the gym, im gonna go stink up the arcarde!
by erin........ August 29, 2005
a game played by nerds with low self esteem, and no life...
that emo kid was playing ddr, what a fag..
by AliTabba September 23, 2006
Dance Dance Revolution.
A scientific breakthrough for looking as stupid as possible. If you want everyone passing by to call you an idiot, feel free to play this crap.
Why are you playing ddr? You look like a fucking idiot.
by bum February 16, 2005
most annoying game ever. Seems like it is very appealing to the faggot and big sock race.If you have an annoying sibling and you dont want to here that annoying game anymore,just pour pop all over the wires.
If you want a good lauph watch an epileptic person play ddr
by jerryblank April 28, 2005

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