D.D.L. stands for Dick'em Down Licence A Phrase made popular by Ghostface Killah meaning that you are certified to dick down any bitch
"Never leave home with out my D.D.L." -Ghostface killlah
by Wally Don October 10, 2010
Top Definition
Direct Download Link.

That means it's not with that waiting stuff of Rapidshare or input codes shit. Consumes more bandwidth since it can be linked directly.

Also you may see it very much in warez links' URLs.
"The DDLs were removed due to much bandwidth usage"
by bactac_ December 29, 2007
Daniel Day Lewis, actor of "The Gangs of New York," "The Last of the Mohicans," and "My Left Foot."
That DDL is a fine actor.
by M. Blake January 11, 2008
Abbreviation of Daniel Day Lewis Syndrome. This means fancying someone only because you are desperate and there is no one else decent there. Can be in movies, life etc.
"I was watching 'King Kong' and got DDLS for Adrien Brody."
by SassafrasG August 13, 2006
A loud and obnoxious former competitive TF2 player that once ruled the kingdoms of TF2. Then, out of no where he disappeared only to return as a pubber who swears that he can kick your ass. Sporting the color of Lime on his items, they know what's coming even before the first shot is fired.
Person 1: Dude I DDL'ed that chick so hard.

Person 2: Why you gotta be such a dick?
by Anonymous123597875548 December 27, 2013
Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer. A man who is, or is working to become, one of these professions.
This word is generally used by gold digging girls when they describe the type of guy they want to date.
I only date DDLs'.
by foxxxykate March 12, 2010
A Data Definition Language is a computer language for defining data structures.
Billy: What is DDL?

Bob: It is a computer language for defining data structures.
by Josh Grime June 02, 2007
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