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Double Date - your appointment book shows you have arranged to see two people at the same time
When I realised I had accidently made a dd to see two women on the same night I phoned my friend and asked him to come along too and make it a foursome
by Criostoir Hulme August 26, 2005
4 16
Really big breats - Double D.
<A> Dam'! That bitch is stacked yo!
<B> She hasta be DD!
by Terran-Ghost June 03, 2003
1034 361
Designated Driver
-the guy who, while he doesn't get to drink, will be able to tell which drunk sluts are more appealling, and usually have an easier time sleeping with them.
man, im getting sick of being dd even with all the pussy im getting
by anonymous May 07, 2003
876 405
n. Designated Driver. One who abstains from "partying" so everyone can get home safely.
We're going out tonight, and I'm the DD, as per usual.
by The Grammar Nazi January 05, 2002
573 250
Disease and Drug free
Craigslist: I am a DD free female
by jizay August 25, 2005
514 325
Dunkin Donuts!
A typical scenario at DD.
customer: Medium cawfee, regula pleaz.

by pearrrr July 10, 2008
223 136
The Doctor of Divinity (or D.D. or DD or Divinitatis Doctor) is an advanced academic degree in divinity. In the UK, the Doctor of Divinity has traditionally been the highest doctorate granted by universities, usually conferred upon a religious scholar of standing and distinction.
Graduate 1: I just received my MD.
Graduate 2: I just received my PhD.
Graduate 3: I just received my DD.
by NextLevel June 01, 2010
235 150
An acronym for "Dear Daughter." Mostly used by moms in their 40s when they talk about parenting.
by Disvan October 01, 2010
129 69