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Really big breats - Double D.
<A> Dam'! That bitch is stacked yo!
<B> She hasta be DD!
by Terran-Ghost June 03, 2003
Annoyed Grunt
"Marge: I don't want you stalking anyone tonight.
Homer: Oh, OK, have it your own way, Marge. I'll be back in a minute I'm... going outside. To... stalk ...Lenny and Carl. D'oh!"
by Terran-Ghost October 14, 2003
Josef Stalin
Kind uncle joe will help us fight the german!
by Terran-Ghost November 18, 2003
Shutup, a cleaner version of STFU (Shut the fuck up)
<Hex> I had such a dirty shit just now!
<Terran-Ghost> SU, for the love of god SU!
by Terran-Ghost June 03, 2003
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