1. DD- Designated Driver: The person who is responsible for staying sober while going out. He or she drives everyone home and makes sure that they get back safely.

2. DD- Domestic Discipline: A scene in the spanking subculture, in which spanking is used for discipline with no overt sexual connotation
1. I can't drink so I'll be the DD tonight

2. I'm in a DD relationship with my boyfriend
by Quirkymichellie July 10, 2008
DD = Damage Dealer
in an mmorpg a character wich does a lot of damage.
we need a tank, a healer and a DD for this boss
by mortn October 23, 2008
Referring to when you and a friend see a girl in the distance and say, "Dayum!" only to realize she's extremely ugly, when then a "Damn" is followed. Also know as H.F.F.A (Hot from far away)
Tomo: Oh dayum!! Look at the girl walking towards us
Sam: I want some of....damn.
Tomo: Yeah....she's a D.D.
by TSMG June 06, 2010
When you laugh so hard that your mouth can't comperhand it so your eyes transform to another mouth resulting in a double laugh
Friend: Why did the chicker cross the road? - To get to the other side!
Me: DD
by janekmuric June 07, 2015
the end of a bowl or drink; being completely high or drunk
"dude, that bowl is d'd"
"are you d'd?"
by hilary June 21, 2004
Thumbs up (expressing "good job" or general approval).

Can also be expressed as b b, bb, or dd.
Dude! Nice! d d
by Cilla Vanilla January 10, 2011
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