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A party, that takes place during the day. Usually for highschoolers where they ditch classes to go to the party. Its like a regular party during the day!
"so you going?
"to the Daytime John is throwing"
"What time?"
"oh well lets go."
by JillianJacobs September 20, 2007
Daytime: noun. The quality or condition of being dramatic.

It's a replacement word (synonym) for "drama."
For example: if your girl (or guy) is acting all dramatic say, "Damn, why you gotta be so daytime?!"

Or you are observing someone making a scene at the bar or something, you would say, "Damn, that bitch is daytime!"

Or we could say, "There's a whole 'lotta daytime up in these forums!"
by jediracer September 15, 2006
Getting drunk during the hours of 8AM until 3PM
I am getting so daytime with Ally today.
by Ejabalyy March 10, 2010
A party or get-together usually among high-schoolers where people smoke, drink, dance(juke), and have sex.
Ay lets go hit up that daytime i heard there was mad hoes goin'.
by RedBugz007 July 12, 2006
A meeting in the middle of the day in which a group of people join up to have sex, an orgy.
yo, what up with that daytime? whos gonna go?
by Flo August 07, 2004